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Formerly Marine Tools, Dealership Tools is a best-in-class dealership management platform. We’ve partnered with them on brand and web presence since their early days. We are currently working with them to expand their reach and servicing capabilities beyond boat dealerships and into new markets.


Expanding into new markets will open the door to continued growth and opportunity. A new micro-site and an engaging marketing campaign were created as part of this ongoing complete re-branding effort. We continue to partner on the evolution of the brand.


Incorporating a variety of dealership types can make it difficult to come up with an all-inclusive logo for this technical software company. But, we are up for the challenge. This re-brand is in process, with a new logo and additional microsites in the works.  More exciting work to come on this one!

Hook, Line, and Sinker

The original Marine Tools logo is geared towards a merge of nautical and technology. This hook and gear icon was added to a simple text logo.


Over the years Dealership Tools has gone through several website upgrades and redesigns. The most recent included a micro-site to target the marine industry specifically.


The plan includes creating several industry-specific micro-sites. We kicked off this effort with their loyal and trusted bread-winner, the marine industry. A single page website with a heavy lead driving design was created,


What is one thing all dealerships have in common? Inventory. Dealership Tools started out by selling a user-friendly inventory management system. We were tasked with building this intricate system.

Humble Beginnings

Building a large-scale inventory system was no small feat. Starting with boats and yachts; Dealership tools now offers inventory systems for Boat Motors, Powersports, RV's and Commercial Equipment.

Digital Marketing

With our support, Dealership Tools’ digital marketing strategies have evolved with the times and growth of the company. As New services and products were released so where new targeted ads.

A Country Wide Net

Paid advertising and a social media posting schedule were our core marketing strategies. We set-up PPC ad campaigns to promote their products and services. Fun and relaxed, yet informative social content was regularly generated to fit the lifestyle of Dealership Tools clientele.


Streamline your Boat Dealership with a full suite of marketing tools.


Streamline your Powersports Dealership with a full suite of marketing tools.


Streamline your RV Dealership with a full suite of marketing tools.


Streamline your Heavy Equipment Dealership with marketing tools.

Peacock Studios delivered!

They were  able to see our re-branding vision and execute it flawlessly.

Very easy to work with.

Kevin Dwyer

Co-Founder & Investor

Dealership Tools