GCA is a technology services company specializing in identity and access management. We’ve  partnered with GCA on several projects. Most recently, for marketing security services and developing a technology training ecommerce system.


We have provided GCA with many services over the course of several projects, contributing to the growth of this well-established and successful company. Each project has had it's own challenges each of which were fun to overcome.


The identity and security services GCA offers are invaluable to the healthcare industry. We designed a healthcare targeted brand to appeal to this market and help them stay informed of industry security trends.

Healthcare IDM

It’s no secret that healthcare providers must maintain strict access to records and sensitive information. The Healthcare IDM (identity management) brand was created to market services that help this industry stay up-to-date and in compliance.


The Healthcare IDM website was built as an informational blog. Built specifically for security administrators in the healthcare industry, the site content focused on best practices for maintaining security compliance.

Healthcare IDM

A CISO's best friend, this website not only kept healthcare security professionals up-to-date, it provided best practice solutions. By establishing a vertical specific marketing strategy we were able to provide valuable content to the targeted audience.


An informative website requires the consistent production of valuable content. We established a publication schedule and a team of content providers.

Healthcare IDM

We outsourced a set of industry professionals to provide informative content on topics relevant to CISO's in the healthcare industry.


In addition to identity and security services, GCA operates a technology training division. Both the security and training divisions shared the same domain and marketing channels. We were tasked with separating the two entities.

GCA Training

Utilizing a .training domain created for the education sector, we created a separate training website. This eCommerce site made it easy for students and training coordinators to find and schedule technology training courses in a variety of delivery methods.


Populating training vendors, courses and classes from an assortment of technology providers required advanced feed management. The GCA intranet was custom created to configure and manage feeds from several providers.

GCA Intranet

We built a multi-functional intranet to parse and normalize data feeds into eCommerce products, process orders and schedule training. The new intranet also enabled corporate communications and provided a full CMS designed for blog publications for Healthcare IDM and other GCA sites.

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Jim Quasius

President & CEO

GCA Technology Services