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Prepper Life is an informational blog-based site focused on helping families learn how to prepare and react to emergencies. They came to Peacock Studios for help with their website and branding.


To appeal to their audience and provide them with informative content, Prepper Life needed a professional website, branding, marketing automation and a steady flow of reputable publications.


Once Prepper Life was conceptualized, we were brought in to get them up and running. We designed a logo to support the image they wanted to project to their audience.

Safe House

With the primary goal of distributing content to help people prepare and protect their homes and families, Prepper Life decided on this visually appealing ‘Vault House’ logo.


Following branding, they needed a platform to display their content. The Prepper Life website was designed to be welcoming and informative. The site has a clean and modern design, with a focus on content and imagery.

Prepper Life

Targeting people who are interested in preparedness, the content is focused on preparing for and surviving natural and man-made disaster scenarios. With a focus on protecting the family, we helped Prepper Life set themselves apart from other sites in this space.


A blog website requires continuous production of valuable content. To help populate the website we set up a team of specialized content writers and published articles using a customized publication schedule.

Preparedness Content

The site is regularly populated with Preparedness content on a wide variety of topics from preparing supplies to surviving natural disasters.

Digital Marketing

With a populated and automated website, the next step was to promote Prepper Life as a brand. To accomplish this we used a combination of marketing platforms and automation methods.

Brand Awareness

PPC ads and a social media schedule were our core marketing tactics. We set-up PPC ad campaigns to promote the brand. Social post automation was then set up as a new article gets published on the website, a post is sent out to the social channels.

My blog was transformed! I can't thank the team enough for converting my hobby into a sustainable business.

Gray Man


Prepper Life