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Prichard’s Distillery is a top-shelf spirits producer. They needed a digital agency to promote brand awareness to facilitate increased sales growth.


We were tasked with providing an online presence that illustrated the quality of the distillery and to make it easier for customers to locate retailers and purchase their high-quality products.


When we started working with Prichard's Distillery they had a homemade website, very few marketing assets and a 200 x 200 .gif logo file. That wasn't going to cut it!

We designed over 100 logo concepts for this distillery and their wide range of product lines, presenting the top concepts to their Board of Directors. Here are just a few of those concepts.

Modern/Classic Logo Design

OK... Modern/Classic is an oxymoron, but we needed to mix a traditional look with a sharp modern style and this was one of the favorites.

Fancy Logo Design

The liqueur spirits have a slightly different fan base. We tailored many of our branding designs for that product line to the audience.

Rustic Logo Design

The distillery also requested logo concepts with a rustic old-school look and feel. This is one of the presented concepts in that style.


The website was designed with a rustic appeal, incorporating the aging barrels used to craft the spirits.

We balanced a classy design with a traditional feel to showcase the exciting range of products, gating the content with the required age verification screen. The website was monetized with an eCommerce platform for selling gift shop swag.
Great products like these deserve a site with Spirit


A dynamic website and custom administrative panel made it possible for customers to more easily find and purchase these high quality spirits.

Where to Buy

In order to enable the consumers to find local establishments that sell and serve Prichard's products, we built an administrative portal to manage retailers and bars.


Due to liquor distribution laws, selling spirits on the website was not an option, so we enabled eCommerce for gift shop product management and merchandise sales.

Asset Library

An asset library was added to help manage marketing assets for digital and print marketing.


After optimizing the website for search engine placement we launched a Facebook awareness campaign, attracting 25,000 new followers within six months.

Ongoing marketing efforts were based on cocktail recipes, driving demand for the line of spirits and popularity with distributors.


The first step in our marketing strategy was to focus on the image and present the distillery in a way that reflected the quality of their products.

Once we had a design guide that came from the the branding and website initiatives, we were able to establish an overall image for the company.


Brand awareness was a key goal. This small town distillery competes with large well-known beverage companies. To set them apart, we targeted connoisseurs seeking best-in-class craft spirits.


Drink recipes served as the core foundation for our marketing effort. The target audience was looking for quality craft cocktails. Even classic cocktail recipes could be improved by using top shelf liquor like Prichard's.

By focusing on what the end consumer was craving we were able to generate demand locally and illustrate interest for distributors.


In a short time we were able to establish a new image, gain a following and improve operational efficiency. We appreciated the opportunity to help this distillery with humble beginnings gain market share.

Cheers to another successful endeavor.

Peacock Studios was instrumental in transforming our distillery into a recognized online brand.

We make a top shelf product and we appreciate that Peacock Studios holds themselves to the same level of excellence.

Phil Prichard

Founder & President

Prichard's Distillery