Peacock Studios has been creating and developing web applications since we were founded in 2007. We have developed websites, administrative panels, content management systems, blogs, and more.

If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.

- Bill Gates

Full Service Web Development Agency

Peacock Studios has architected over 20 web applications and have upgraded, migrated, and supported over 50 more. We have helped everyone from startups and solo-preneurs, to multi-million dollar organizations, some of who became long term clients, often hiring us for more than just our development services.

We do not exclude clients based on the size of their project. Our goal is to help anyone who is looking to breakout online or improve their already established application.

Tell us about your Project

Platforms and Languages

Supported development platforms and popular languages


Levels of Development

Commitment levels based off project needs

The Complete Package

This project required a deep level of commitment by both parties. Our full project proposals cover architecting, full stack development, launch, and a 6 month support package. The support package begins once the application has been fully deployed. Depending on the difficulty of the project a complete project like this can take anywhere between 3-18 months, plus the 6 months added for support.

MVP - Minimum Viable Product

Taking the MVP approach does ensures a quick project timeline. When considering only the minimum viable design and functionalities, you will be sacrificing more intelligent development for a quicker turnaround. MVP projects typically take between 1-6 months. Due to the rush on the job we generally suggest a 3 month support plan to cover additional testing and any possible complications that may arise.

Proof-of-Concept or Prototype

A proof-of-concept is a thorough investigation into the ideas of the product. The intended outcome of a POC is to determine whether an idea can be turned into a profitable product. The time and cost taken to provide a proof-of-concept can range based off the complexity and demands of the product. If successful, the POC report should include a 'moving forward' agreement.

Creating a prototype involves turning an idea into a slimed down version of what the final version would become. Having less functionality and minimal design, the goal of a prototype is to see if the complete idea is possible to develop. A functional prototype development cycle can range based on the level of functionality expected. If successful, a final product timeline and roadmap will be provided.

Product Enhancements

Technology is ever evolving. Making improvements, releasing updates, and further development on an already existing application is one of our most popular service offerings. When provided a specific set of enhancements we start by doing a discovery, followed by providing connectivity steps, a full project scope, timeline, and projected cost.

Development Retainer

For organizations looking for continued development with out a finite goal; we offer both short-term and long-term retainer options. When there is no projected scope of work we require a minimum 3-month retainer, plus discovery and connectivity time.

DS Diving Services

Their new website offers a clean and user-friendly experience with an oceanic color palette and feel. Custom quote and scheduling functionalities were incorporated into the website for user and administrative ease.

Degrees of Development

The types of development

Frontend Development
Frontend development focused on converting information and available data into an attractive frontend design, referred to as a User Interface (UI). An user-friendly and responsive front end can be achieved via a visual building platform or manually through the use of CSS, JavaScript, and HTML.
Backend Development
The backend of a website is essentially the backbone of any web application, responsible for all functionality. Certain backend functions can be completed via visual builders while more complex functions will take the use of proper code like ColdFusion, JavaScript, or developed plugins.
Full Stack Development
Full stack development is the combined development of both the backend and frontend of any web application. This is what we refer to as full service. We would handle both the front end design and the backend functionalities using a mix of development styles tailored to your needs.

Services & Projects

How we provide value to our clients

Websites are the foundation for any online business. Let us help bring your company into the digital age with a website customized to fit your vision.
Selling online retail can be easier than ever. We can design your website, connect your shop, and automate your records; for easy online management.
Blogs are a popular choice for those looking to share their knowledge and offer it to the online world. Let us turn your blog into a publication factory.
SaaS Apps
A more complex development project; 'Software as a Service' applications often takes custom code to allow for expected functionality.
Automation Systems
Not all development takes code. Many automation systems can be developed by stacking the proper SaaS applications to achieve the desired automated outcome.
Custom Development
Have a custom idea? Let our agency bring it together with our custom development services. From design to launch, our agency can take care of it all.

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