Peacock Studios has been building and supporting Coldfusion applications since we were founded in 2007. Our most senior programmers were using Coldfusion for many years prior.

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Whether you need a Coldfusion partner to support your legacy applications or build new products, our experienced team of Coldfusion engineers can help. Our team of expert Coldfusion developers have worked on applications for a variety of industries. We support applications built with Coldfusion tags or cfscript. We maintain applications built with a variety Coldfusion frameworks like FW1, Coldbox, Fusebox, Mach-II and more. We fully support Lucee as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Common Coldfusion Questions

Why Coldfusion?

ColdFusion gives the developer full control over design and functionality. ColdFusion is especially useful for highly complex applications that have specific requirements and expected functionalities. Visual builders often have limitations; requiring certain plugins to perform particular actions or the use of custom code to fully complete the clients wishes.

What versions of Coldfusion do you support?

Our engineers are currently up to date on ColdFusion 2021. However, we can support versions back to ColdFusion 3.

Do you support legacy Coldfusion applications?

Yes, we support legacy ColdFusion applications. If you are looking to update your legacy code, we offer code optimization services to bring outdated code into the modern componitized world.

Is Coldfusion the only language you support?

No. We support a variety of languages like: Python, C++, Javascript, PHP, HTML, SQL, and more.

What type of Coldfusion projects have you been involved with

Peacock Studios has used ColdFusion since the start of the company. We have built websites, apps, backend administrative systems, and frontend content management systems on ColdFusion based frameworks. All of our projects, pre-2012, were built using ColdFusion like: Barco Products, Healthcare IDM, Prichard's Distillery, AFTCA, and more.

Getting Started

Coldfusion Engagement Process

Stakeholder Meeting
A consultant will meet with your team to gather scope and requirements. A quick video conference enables us to learn about your organization and introduce ourselves.
Audit -or- Discovery
Based on the requirements our team will perform an audit or discovery to learn more about the application and fine tune the scope of the engagement.
Service Delivery
Our team will deliver the Coldfusion services related to your needs. We have a sound project workflow and also work within established client workflows.
We offer post delivery and ongoing support as needed. We ensure that the stakeholders and end users are satisfied and the application is stable.

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